deadly requirements

finals is getting near … so near that we’re experiencing sleepless nights, slight abnormal thinking, big panda eyes, no time for bed, NANIIIII!!!!??? okay, I’m getting weird.

for how many weeks, I’m still in front of my laptop and just type, watch, think, play, listen…finish the deadly requirements and survive this deadly term. hope I won’t die because of this. 😛

so, I still have time to blog as a break from all the stressful things I do in school, and our instructor is not around and we have free internet in our lab room 😛 anyway, after this, I may be busy again, not going out after dinner and yeah .. won’t be able to sleep again later, and maybe I’ll turn my music loud? well, no signs of some boarders, so maybe yes 😛 haha

I’m wishing that this term will be finish from all the stress, and we, me and my block mates will have fun on the last day of exams. 😛

to whom it may concern, sorry for the unorganized thoughts, it’s just that our requirements are super deadly and my mind don’t have that normal thinking for now. -_- anyway, back to work! T_T @_@


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