A Family that I have



The people I’ve been sharing my life with in my present time. the people that thought me a lot of things how to face different kinds of life challenges, the ones I’ve been with since the first day of college life and yeah. sorry to those not in the picture. :))


CFC-YFC Calasiao Chapter.

People I’ve been with for 5 years now in serving God, worship and praise Him and be a ChristLike to others for them to realize that God is giving us a life He know that we can live with it.


A family that I call mine.

Well, this picture is really old 😛 anyway, they are the people I’ve been with in bad and good times. they know what I’ve been through every single day in my life.

it’s hard to tell things through text only, so I’ll just show you these pictures.

a picture is worth a thousand words right? 😀


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