Summer Begins.

before we enjoy our summer vacation with our biological family and friends, we planned to have an outing at Riverview Resort, Asin two days after the term ended.

but first, after the last day of our final exams, me and Feona planned to have an sleepover at her house the day before the outing, but the others didn’t want to, so, me and Feona were the only ones. πŸ˜› movie marathon until 2am and woke up early for the call time (7-8am).

at the meeting place, we only saw Adrian and Jonathan waiting for the others, and we didn’t know that Monica was waiting at the Rizal Park (somewhere near where we were) and Louis at the Rose Garden (a park that is the other side of the street). so, we called them to join us and wait in one place. after minutes waiting for the others, there are still some who are not there yet. so others go ahead and walk while us are still waiting.

and so, while the others were buying some things for later, we were still waiting and waiting and waiting for the others to come. it was nearly 10am, and we’re complete! but wait, only Dustin is still not present, so we called him and he is still in his bed (*facepalm), so we went and he followed.

ride a jeep and travel. while travelling, stuffs that you don’t want to know happened. hahahaha just kidding. well, I felt a little sleepy and the others were very alive, laughing, chitchat and stuff, etc. and surprisingly, we passed the others who walked :)))

at last, we have arrived! and my ass hurt. (-_-) but, hey! prepare prepare and wait for those who walked. πŸ™‚ and … and … and … aahh, who wants to wait! let’s swim already! but the others still wants to prepare first, and the number one thing is the food, so, they’ll just go to the pool later. so, SWIMMING!! at first, we, Konerds, Celine, JM and I had a canon ball first where we didn’t expect the the pool was a little deep for my height and where JM panic and almost drowned himself. anyway, swim swim swim πŸ™‚ and then eat and then swim again :)) and then it rained … THIS IS AWESOME !!! anyway, there are a lot to tell, but the main thing of all of it, WE HAD FUN! (^_^)

so after all of it, we think we need to get out of the pool because we’ve been like there for hours.. πŸ˜› so, took a bath and change, eat and jam πŸ˜€ and went back to town.Β Konerds asked me is he can be beside me, so he can sleep while we were going back to the town, and I just say sure.

while going back, I fell asleep and Konerds offered his shoulder..and yeah. (-_-)ZZzzz I almost shoot my head at the window :)) anyway, when I woke up, we were almost at the town, the people in front of us were like … me and Konerds … yeah, you know what I mean. :)))

and we arrived at the town … had some coke float, sundae and fries from Mcdonalds. and went home. πŸ˜€ but, me and JM were still talking about what happened just this morning and bond.

at the boarding house, i immediately pack my stuff and went to the terminal to go back to my hometown. so exhausted, slept while travelling. πŸ˜€ adventure awaits! sweet dreams to me. ^_^


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