Troll Face Conversation

Another night, another somewhat boring night where I do the things I always do almost everyday. As I continue to do it, my PC was somewhat ringing like someone was calling, and it is, Daryl was calling through Skype, no wonder why he calls, we had our last conversation the other night.

As I answer his call, I saw him laughing like there was something not ordinary. I asked him why and he turned his laptop to a guy beside him, the video was blurred and I can’t see the guy’s face clearly, I asked Daryl again who was the guy beside him and explained that his video camera was not that clear for me to see.

After 3 seconds, the camera was slightly cleared and I somewhat recognize the face and the guy’s voice. Showing them both a serious face of mine, and my mind clearly knew he was, the guy also mentioned his name. It was Lyx. I got surprised, shocked, shy, irritated … well, I really don’t know what to react in front of them, so I just smile like an idiot (~_~) and laughing and somewhat got mad at Daryl. (not so cool)

Well, there’s no way to turn back now, but I had a chance to turn of my video/camera, but they told me that it’s unfair if I have no video, because they called just to see me and hear my voice (according to Lyx). I still felt like something irritated, felt uncomfortable talking and I blaming Daryl for it, where Lyx told me not to blame him because it was his idea to call me using Daryl’s account. And for the conversation would be well alive and not so boring, they were giggling as Lyx asked what’s up? How’s college? How’s my life after High School and also How’s my love life? I don’t know what to say and I don’t know what face I will show him. I can feel Daryl’s laugh like there is something behind it, and it’s pissing me off! WAAAH!! I really hate this kind of scenario. Lyx noticed it and took the laptop where Daryl can leave him, I mean us at the conversation.

So, me and Lyx talked, explained things, and he even told me to wait for him and see him again personally at the City of Pines if we have time. Well, he will be enrolling somewhere near to my school, and he also requested me to mention all of my past relationships (so awkward). Well, sure, ‘pagbigyan’. So, I told him, I mean them, they awkwardly react like they didn’t know anything. So, after telling them what they want to know about me, I thought of something what to do that would remind me of this first time conversation with him. I silently took a picture of him where he (Lyx) didn’t know. I even asked him to smile, and I know Daryl knew what I was doing, so, yeah. Me and Daryl were laughing where Lyx didn’t even knew what I was doing and what we were laughing about. XD

Here are some of those pictures:

Video call snapshot 6ย Video call snapshot 7

As the time goes by, it was already midnight, and we’re still talking. Until I saw a Zeus was online too, I immediately joined him at our conversation and I know, they miss each other. Their greeting to each other was a surprise for me to hear (you can read it here). Well, boys are boys, and they are like brothers since.

I leave the conversation for them to talk and then, Daryl’s account was again calling, I again answered and knew it was Daryl this time. So, we talked like the ordinary days, somewhat ordinary conversations until he went to sleep. ๐Ÿ˜€

After several minutes of watching a movie in my laptop, Daryl’s account again is calling. I’m guessing this is Lyx. Again, we talked through video call. He’s happy as I see his smile, how he reacted, and something like excited for the coming School Year. While talking, the Internet Connection was lost, and it’s almost 2am, I think it was the signal that I really need to go to bed. HAHAHA so, turned off my laptop and thought of greeting him a good night ….. but, naaah! ๐Ÿ˜›


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