Old Shirt

starting to pack my stuffs .. took the things I still need and giveaway the things I don’t need. BUT! before I give my things away, I look for some of my old shirts that I can “redesign” or something like “reconstruct” :))) I saw Kryz Uy’s Ad about the “Sinulog Shirts” (you can see it HERE) and thought of do it also in my old shirts .. and the result is:


well, it’s not the perfect cut, but it’s the perfect fit for me :))) thanks for reading and viewing!


Packing her stuffs…

as I woke up and went down stairs looking at Dad … well, I don’t know what’s he up to with these things:


I asked him what’s with these things and he just … just silence. so I watch him do his things like a little girl. as he was about to finish building it, I had an idea what it was and took some of the materials displayed and just help him put it. and hello to my sister’s own cabinet…


yey! … my sister is going to be a college student na! and she still don’t have any idea what she’s going to take. tsk. I felt jelly in that moment .. where she decides on what she’s going to be, unlike me who just thought of this degree and boom! like, I didn’t have to argue, I mean, we did not argue .. I just thought of the degree and they just planned it, and here I am, the need-to-do-it, need-to-finish-it girl. (deep sigh). but on the bright side, hello last year (hopefully) and I can go to work and save some money for school again.


welcome to my Alma mater! 🙂 well, this picture was taken last few days by my youngest sister, Janelle. 😛

anyway, talking about school, I’ll share something short about who was I and what world I had in this place. I hope some would understand, mostly to those who were part of it that misunderstood me.

School, a place I know that is full of other students like me and some instructors/professors that will guide and teach us all within 9-10 months per year. I’m scared with other people, I was scared to be bullied, really don’t want to have any fights or misunderstanding and stuffs, I’m scared to make a mistake and be laughed by all the people I see around me. I actually don’t interact with people because of it, that’s why I don’t have that much friends. I know I act weird and can’t control my feelings, where most people are .. :/

well, since then and until now, I’m still that kind of person. I’m only confident doing things when I’m alone, when I’m with people I know I can show them what I kind of person I am. I have some girls who I call my best friend, but all of them are the same … I have one best friend when I’m still in kindergarten and in my 3rd grade. a new best friend when I’m in the 5th grade and another one in my 1st year in HS until we graduated. as we enter college, our friendship is still fine and until I met my kindergarten classmate and became my new best friend, all of them were having a good time with their new environment, I think. 2nd year in college, I knew all of them now have their new best friends, and I don’t even know who they are right now. looking at them so happy makes me feel that I don’t exist anymore, like, my mission is done and I have to pack my bags and leave and feel alone in this world. so much drama, right?

as I continue to live this world alone, a guy who I see as a good friend told me, any problem always have a smile in the end. I felt so weird but knew that he was right. “everything will come in the right time.”

YFC Panga @18

on the 19th day of May, we YFC Pangasinan celebrated the 18th year of having our dear Lord God in our lives, serving, praising, worship Him and share His love to others.


while we were having our one day practice at the house for our performance tomorrow, I saw this beetle that is so big, I mean, the biggest beetle that I’ve ever seen. it’s kinda creepy and disgusting, but we just didn’t mind and continue to practice until 2am (^_^)v


after we performed and while others were still performing, we were kind of enjoying each others company, talked about the “epic-ness” our performance and etc.




as all of us were finished performing, we now go back to what we really do … listen and learn from what the Lord wants us to hear. while he was talking in front, some of the service team distributed a lot of paper boats to us and the sharer continue to speak. I had an idea what will happen next … well, I’ve been doing this a lot 😀 and so, here it is:


But from there you will search again for the Lord your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find Him. -Deuteronomy 4:29

there are so much to share, but for this homecoming, I really felt that I am totally back in His arms. :3



few minutes after the talk, I saw our cluster head and our bass guitar player posing like … I don’t know how to describe it xDD plus! the guy on the left … okay, I don’t know what kind of pose they’re doing and what does their faces trying to say here :))) peace out guys!



so, we don’t have any camera to take some picture of us on stage and we just used my phone to capture their happiness and craziness … sorry for the low quality v(^_^)v


before we go home and be with our family, “picture picture din ‘pag may time. xD”

again, Happy 18th Anniversary CFC-Youth for Christ Pangasinan!!! I love you all as always. 😀







Why I love McDo burgers

McDonalds … just yum. 😀

when I visit any McDonalds branch, I always order the cheese burger meal and upgrade my ordinary cup of coke to a coke float. I’ve done that like a million times, I even learn some weird things when eating it from my cousin and shared it to my sisters, friends and also to my Dad. 😀

so, here’s a picture where we bought some snacks before going to Baguio that day:


I ordered a regular yum where it cost almost the same price as McDo, and thinking of how about if I ordered a cheese burger yum that also cost almost the same, will it also have the same taste? I tell you, NO.

while on the road, my head kept thinking … I just wasted my money, shouldn’t have just cooked my own burger.

peace out.

Waiting … Waiting … Waiting (late post)

weekend !! the time where we (me and my family) bond. a Sunday morning where we all went to the church to listen again for God’s words, but almost all I heard was about tomorrow’s election. anyway, after the mass, we all went home first and change because of the heat and went to our residence. they were planning to go to church and eat lunch outside, so while they were on their way to the Manaoag Church, we were thinking where to go … it was pass 10am and Dad was getting hungry, so we went to Jechs’ to eat pancit and halo-halo, at that time, I didn’t expect that there are a lot of people eating there. so, we just went inside and look somewhere to seat. Dad was the first one to look, and wew .. there’s no available table for us to eat T_T

so, wait .. wait for some pips to finish their food, but it looks like they just started to eat what they order. -.-” it took us half an hour standing and waiting, Mom and Dad thought of leaving and eat somewhere else, and all four of us, just say YES. as we were about to leave, a table at the upper level was about to leave, and Dad just went there surprisingly, we have no choice but to follow him.

as we occupy the seats around the table where there are still some left overs and used plates, spoon, forks and cups, we called a waiter to clean it up. almost half an hour waiting for the waiter, we (me and Bea) just arrange all of it and called the waiter again.

tik tok … tik tok … AT LAST! the waiter came after an hour. =.= like, I never expect for this restaurant to have a slow service, unlike before. so, the waiter took what all those things and clean our table and left. I’m freaking out what just happened to this resto??? like, yeah, you cleaned up the table but leaving some not-so-good smell … Oh M! we were getting pissed and stressed out. Mom called a waiter again to order, but the waiter just gave us a hand signal to wait because she was still busy taking care of the customers near our table that came before us. so, okay, Mom just called another one and yes, he got our orders.

as the waiter left our table, we again wait … and hello wifi! 😛 we all got busy with our own gadgets. :)))


borrowed my cousin’s iPad mini while they were at the church 😛


AJ teaching Dad how to used these kind of gadgets and be aware of some social sites :))) where Janelle was getting bored and hungry … WHERE’S OUR ORDER???

it’s been more than an hour, and we’re still waiting for our order … “waiter! pa-follow up ng order namin.” -Mom and the waiter nodded. AGAIN!! after half an hour, we got our simple pancit bihon, and the waiter said, “ma’am, sunod na po yung halo-halo.” I’m like seriously? how special is your halo-halo to serve and for us to wait this long? tsk. anyway, ate our almost cold pancit like we had never eaten for days and the halo-halo came … finished eating, pay and leave with no tip.

thought to myself, I’ll never enter this kind of resto again. it just suck for a resto to have a very slow service! promise.