Election day and we have nothing to do but wait for the results … so while waiting for any news, we played patintero in the middle of the streets (it was night time and there are only few vehicles passing). so we played like old school, like we were still kids … while playing, I noticed that all of our neighbors were looking at us … smiling. well, that’s childhood, unlike the current generation, you’ll see kids playing their iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablets, and what-so-ever that is. The game was really breath taking, I mean, literally breath taking. xDD and we only rest when a vehicle/s pass by .. where most of the vehicles are motorcycles or tricycles 😛 hahaha

play for 3 minutes … wait for a vehicle/s … play … wait … wait … play and wait again, until we heard our aunt announcing the number of votes. so, we stopped playing and listen. after announcing, most of us got tired and irritated by the vehicles passing, so we played cards (1, 2, 3 pass, pusoy dos, lucky 9 and etc.) at the veranda of grandma’s house. you can feel the fun, thrill, excitement, laughter from us, didn’t thought of people are already sleeping (and we’re sorry fo that) after few hours, we heard a man announcing the results, and all of us stopped talking and listen … sad and poker faces were shown from us because our uncle didn’t won, until we noticed that the street is getting quiet, we played patintero again, no more vehicles were passing because it’s almost midnight (cool! xDD) … in the middle of the game, grandma heard us and told us to stop because it was already late … so we went back to our cribs and rest, but before going to bed, we watched some news and had a little chat about what we just did earlier while having some midnight drink. so, yeah ….. (-_-)ZZZzzzz

Childhood. You’ll never forget about it, so … Enjoy every moment. Enjoy your Youth.


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