Home made (late post)

May 4, 2013…

we went to the mall and bought some stuffs. while walking, I asked Mom if I could make a Graham Cake, Mom was just like, walking and looking for things she needed for tomorrow (Dad’s birthday). I was still waiting for her respond, until she asked me, what are the ingredients I need for it? and so, I told her and she just told me to go and find it and put it all in the cart. When I was about to look for some fruit cocktail, Mom told me that only us 6 are going to eat it, so I should make sure how many ingredients I’ll grab. and so on, as I almost finish put all the ingredients I need, Mom asked me if I was finish, I replied maybe. I thought of something was really missing … as I checked, it was the Graham Crackers xDD so, I ran looking for it and grab 2 packs, while running, I saw one of my schoolmate shopping with her boyfriend, thinking maybe our summer break is really long for her to go here at my hometown, then suddenly she also saw me, waved and smiled like we do in school, and I also did it for a friendly greeting 😀 and then Mom was already inches away from me. I put on the crackers into the cart and went to the cashier. there were a lot of people shopping, but I still don’t know most of them, until I saw my roommate with her Mom also. I thought to myself, wow, from all the people I know, only two of them are in the same place where I was. Moving on, I was with my little cousin, guiding her and play with her near the cashier where Mom was; as my sisters and Dad were interrupting me that they saw a lot of my classmates and schoolmates in HS, and I just told them the “okay” word, like I didn’t care at all, I mean, I really didn’t care. How many times do I have to tell them that my High School years was a nightmare? tsk.

Anyway, done shopping, and went home. Stopped by at our family residence for our cousins and went home. I rest my feet for few minutes because of the long standing and walking at the mall 😛 Dad went to the farm and I stood up and start to make the cake. kind of forgot to make one .. HAHAHA XD (Internet, help!) so, made one and put it in the refrigerator and sleep 😀

as I woke up, it was exactly 12 noon, and thought of wow, I’m early! because my wake up time is always 2pm :))) so, I went down and saw my masterpiece was already eaten by my sisters 0_0 and also saw Dad eating one too 😛 and so, thought of greeting Dad first before I eat some of the home made cake 😛 hahahaha

well, happy 49th birthday to my Dad! 😀



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