Waiting … Waiting … Waiting (late post)

weekend !! the time where we (me and my family) bond. a Sunday morning where we all went to the church to listen again for God’s words, but almost all I heard was about tomorrow’s election. anyway, after the mass, we all went home first and change because of the heat and went to our residence. they were planning to go to church and eat lunch outside, so while they were on their way to the Manaoag Church, we were thinking where to go … it was pass 10am and Dad was getting hungry, so we went to Jechs’ to eat pancit and halo-halo, at that time, I didn’t expect that there are a lot of people eating there. so, we just went inside and look somewhere to seat. Dad was the first one to look, and wew .. there’s no available table for us to eat T_T

so, wait .. wait for some pips to finish their food, but it looks like they just started to eat what they order. -.-” it took us half an hour standing and waiting, Mom and Dad thought of leaving and eat somewhere else, and all four of us, just say YES. as we were about to leave, a table at the upper level was about to leave, and Dad just went there surprisingly, we have no choice but to follow him.

as we occupy the seats around the table where there are still some left overs and used plates, spoon, forks and cups, we called a waiter to clean it up. almost half an hour waiting for the waiter, we (me and Bea) just arrange all of it and called the waiter again.

tik tok … tik tok … AT LAST! the waiter came after an hour. =.= like, I never expect for this restaurant to have a slow service, unlike before. so, the waiter took what all those things and clean our table and left. I’m freaking out what just happened to this resto??? like, yeah, you cleaned up the table but leaving some not-so-good smell … Oh M! we were getting pissed and stressed out. Mom called a waiter again to order, but the waiter just gave us a hand signal to wait because she was still busy taking care of the customers near our table that came before us. so, okay, Mom just called another one and yes, he got our orders.

as the waiter left our table, we again wait … and hello wifi! 😛 we all got busy with our own gadgets. :)))


borrowed my cousin’s iPad mini while they were at the church 😛


AJ teaching Dad how to used these kind of gadgets and be aware of some social sites :))) where Janelle was getting bored and hungry … WHERE’S OUR ORDER???

it’s been more than an hour, and we’re still waiting for our order … “waiter! pa-follow up ng order namin.” -Mom and the waiter nodded. AGAIN!! after half an hour, we got our simple pancit bihon, and the waiter said, “ma’am, sunod na po yung halo-halo.” I’m like seriously? how special is your halo-halo to serve and for us to wait this long? tsk. anyway, ate our almost cold pancit like we had never eaten for days and the halo-halo came … finished eating, pay and leave with no tip.

thought to myself, I’ll never enter this kind of resto again. it just suck for a resto to have a very slow service! promise.


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