13th June 2013

Another boring day for me to go to school, well, what kind of student will be excited going to school if his/her schedule only have one subject every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon? (sigh) so, to start my day, as usual, I woke up at almost 8am, clean and arrange my stuffs while waiting and thinking of going to the dental clinic. So, I ate my breakfast (biscuit and orange juice xD) and took a bath. After I took a bath, it’s almost lunch time and my roommate came and saw me half naked (=_=) so, I took my clothes and wore them quickly. Before I wear my socks and shoes, Kuya Sam called and asking where I was, and told me to meet him at Chowking, so I wear my shoes and brush my teeth and went out.

On my way to Chowking, I saw one of my sisters in school inside a jeep, she also saw me and waved, I wave back. Thinking of going inside the jeep too, but I took a look at the road, it was a heavy traffic, so, I walked and jogged (exercise for this day).

A 15 minute walk and jog from my room, I now arrived at Chowking, first thing first, I look for Kuya Sam, and he was sitting like a pro near the stairs, he already ordered our food (his treat). As I sit down in front of him, our food just arrived (lucky me, no more to wait).

Here we are again, eating together like siblings. Tell some stories about summer and how am I at school and also some things that relates relationship with … toot xD I miss him. I miss my Kuya at school (T_T) as we finish our food, I accompany him at BDO and we went to school to get his Barong and some stuffs, we went to the University Student Council (USC) room and visit some friends. Kuya Sam invited Kuya Noel and Kuya Ace to join him at the CAP Building where Kuya Sam works, and also me. Kuya Sam told us that he needs our help for their article to be shown at the news later 5pm where we (Kuya Noel, Kuya Ace and me) didn’t know what to do, had our emotions mixed, shuffled thoughts, we were in a shock and don’t know what to do because of our nervousness (-_-)”

Walking our way to CAP Bldg., we were having a nervous breakdown … I’m kidding, I’m just exaggerating 😛 we were just so nervous and told Kuya Sam that he’ll just take a video of Kuya Noel, but no, he needs at least a guy and a girl, where I was the only girl there (=_=) EXPOSURE!!! No more for excuses, we just need to do it like it was just us, like no one else will see, like it is not going to be shown at ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Northern Luzon: Alam Ba News. Wahahahaha ARTISTA NA KAMI!!! xDDD

Anyway, even though we were so nervous, we still manage to have the shoot perfect as it can be and take it once. I was seriously not comfortable and not ready for those kinds of things but still, had self-control and just relax. After the shoot, Kuya Sam stayed and we three went back to school to attend our class.

Before I enter school, I saw our instructor going to leave and don’t know where she’s going but, I think I know why. She also saw me and told me that she won’t attend our class today, but she left an activity in all of her classes. As I went down and pass the tunnel of our office (as usual) and go up to my one and only room for this day, I saw a lot of students outside their room like there’s no classes going on, and as I enter our room, I only saw few students inside doing some … doing their stuffs. J

Waiting … waiting … waiting … and until the classroom was almost full, Feona announced something about the activity and to be passed later before the class ends. The room was so loud and noisy, all you can hear was just conversation of the other groups, and can’t hear my group mate, so we went outside where we can hear each other and understand each side. We talked and discussed for few minutes and went back inside where we can still hear the noise of other students discussing their part of view for the activity, while our group was finalizing our answer, I was thinking of what to do after class, and we did. Hanna and Noel asked me and they wanted to see the boarding house where I currently lived, so, I told them sure.

We were near outside the school and it rained. I don’t have any umbrella with me but I have the Sun Valley jacket that I got from PJ, it was the jacket that I really felt comfortable, rain or shine. I never regret having it, and I won’t give it nor sell it to others, seems like it’s my favourite jacket from the rest even though I look like a gangster or a  tomboy (some says), I don’t care, it’s so comfy and I feel like I’m in my own bed relaxing.

As we arrived at the boarding house where we lived, I asked some information about some things about the boarding house like it was my first time to look and ask some information. All of the boarding house that we went had some vacant spaces that Noel can live, but his budget kind of not really fit, but it’s okay and really satisfying. Some were really cheap, but … well, you don’t want to know. As we rest our feet after looking at the 4th and last boarding house that we enter, we chat for some minutes and asked Noel if he already decided to move out, he said that in time, he will move, just not now.

It’s still raining and I went home with my comfy wet jacket 😀 so, I went to my room and thought of what I just did today. And then I remember, CAP Bldg. … I need to watch it, so I looked for a television. I went down and asked one of the caretakers if I can watch the news, and he lend me a DVD player where I can also watch the news live. The news is on, and I’m waiting for the article to show up. The news was nice, I knew a lot of things about yesterday and yeah, until the article was shown in the last part and my face was shown first like are they kidding me??? Anyway, the article was just short and I’m killing my ass watching it. wahaha as the news end, I went out and feeling so stupid looking at the caretakers. They even tricked me about taking charge of opening and closing the gate and gave me a fun size Snickers and a mini Milky Way chocolate where the owner was at the waiting area. So fail!

So, hello to my room again, bond with my roommate and neighbors.