from a true heart of a daughter

first of all, I want to say sorry to my sister for posting this, but damn! this is worth to share about our parents … from a true heart. just found this when I was looking for some files for our thesis. 🙂

“I believe in God that He is the Creator of Heaven and earth. I am also a member of the Youth for Christ for 5 years now and it helped me a lot to become a better person. My family and my studies are my priorities. My Dad is the most important person in my life. I’ll always thank him for letting us experience an awesome childhood like flying kites, riding bikes, hearing stories and looking at the stars at night. He is one of the people who’ve instilled me values in becoming a good person. My Mom is the person I can’t live without. She’s always there in all my ups and downs, and she trusts and supports me in all the decisions I make in life. Because of them, I am who I am now.

I never had a boyfriend. I promised that to my Dad that I will only have a boyfriend when I’m eighteen because I believe that Love Can Wait. And if ever I’ll have one, I want him to be my first and last because when I finally find The One, I’ll make sure that he’ll be The Only One. I know he’s just out there waiting and looking for me. God has a plan for the both of us. Maybe He’s not yet done in writing our story. We’ll just wait for the right time and I hope that it’s not yet too late.” -BTPM


a big slap to my face when it comes to love. 😛 well, yeah. waaaah !! I miss blogging! sorry my dear readers, I’ve been busy for getting some experiences and doing some school stuffs 😛 just experience new adventures, it’s fun 😀