Do or Die

Do or Die

Our last game, the last game with the champions last school year. It’s really making me nervous by the status of it, have this battle with the “Undefeated Champs” like woah .. I don’t know if I can do this. but still, hopes up! we’ll play clean, be humble during the game and do everything we can just to win.

but somehow, it’s really disappointing to know and see how the other team plays. it hurts to see some of your team is getting hurt physically by not doing anything to them. but what can we do? we cannot play like them, we just have to protect ourselves from their evil schemes. this is not a war to kill each other, it’s a game that we need to play fairly. v(^_^)v

but wait! in this picture, no one is to blame. a stupid finger position of me to steal the ball .. and I think I don’t need to elaborate what happened. I just thank God for that I’m okay and I hope and pray for my fractured finger to get better soon šŸ™‚ and also thank my team and friends for being with me, accompany me after the game. I love you guys! :* šŸ˜€


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