I miss you

a challenging thing about having a relationship or should i say with love is that you really wanted to be with your partner at all time. Insanely in love with each other, can’t exist without him/her, like, who cares?! I’m in love, I’m insanely in with this person.

Someone who makes you happy since the day you guys met, and still have that happiness between you two in ups and/or downs. You’ve been best friends, been with each other for years already and now took that kind of friendship to the next level. This may be a good thing and/or a bad thing, why? it’s a good thing because, you already know who’s going to be the person you’re going to be with, already know how to make things work because you know each other because you are best friends, but the bad news is, you’ll end up as best friends only.

but positive energy, hey! I love him…no matter what he is.


MAYBE … Yes. :3

MAYBE … Yes. :3

I’ve been listening to songs and music, and most of them were violin instrumental. Why violin? well, let me share it to you by a “short” story…

we had a midterm requirement at SOCIO2 last month, an Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) all about marriage. At that time, I was absent and my group decided that I’m going to be the “bride”, well, for me it’s okay…it’s just that, the number one question that pop up to my head was, who is going to be the “groom”?? so, I just let it be a surprise :))

weeks later … at our Ethics class, we didn’t do anything special but something I’m very interested, just watched a movie that is related to our topic. after few minutes watching, we were about to have our quiz, until one of my friends, Jasper, played Chirtina Perri’s A thousand years in front of the whole class with his violin. At that moment, looking at him and listening to what he was playing, I seriously had goose bumps. I listened to one those kind of covers in youtube, but listening to it live, it was amazing, it was beautiful. I confess that I feel in love with the music. and then, I was shocked that it was already the “proposal” day of our group where I didn’t have anything to say but smile, laugh and SURPRISED! XD

anyway, since that day, I fell in love with violins and wanted to learn how to play one. I asked Jasper to help me with it, and he agreed. 🙂 since then, I’ve been listening and downloading instrumental violin covers around youtube, where I met Jun Curry Ahn or should I say, Jun Sung Ahn, Bryson Andres and Daniel Jang. Check out their covers on their Youtube channels. 🙂