I miss you

a challenging thing about having a relationship or should i say with love is that you really wanted to be with your partner at all time. Insanely in love with each other, can’t exist without him/her, like, who cares?! I’m in love, I’m insanely in with this person.

Someone who makes you happy since the day you guys met, and still have that happiness between you two in ups and/or downs. You’ve been best friends, been with each other for years already and now took that kind of friendship to the next level. This may be a good thing and/or a bad thing, why? it’s a good thing because, you already know who’s going to be the person you’re going to be with, already know how to make things work because you know each other because you are best friends, but the bad news is, you’ll end up as best friends only.

but positive energy, hey! I love him…no matter what he is.


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