“People make mistakes.”

this is the line where I don’t know the true meaning of it until now.

I’ve been taught good things, but never thought of using it in bad ways.


don’t ask for c…

don’t ask for credits if you’re not part of it.

you were just an audience, watch us do all of the requirements, tell us you can’t be part of the team because you’re <this> and at the end, you want to claim your “credits”, like you had the biggest percentage of doing it? oh com’on! you got to be kidding me. what an eish!! don’t even bother joining OUR party.


sorry readers, but I just can’t help myself, I need to let this out before I really blow out with everything. I know it is not good to judge, but I really can’t help myself comment and question a really bad thing with a freaking bad attitude.

the boy who …

  • text you good morning
  • play guitar
  • take you to the beach
  • will love you forever
  • is like a brother to you
  • sing to you love songs
  • lend you his coat
  • have late night calls with you
  • sing just the way you are for you
  • fall for you
  • always can make you laugh
  • will always be on your side
  • look at you and smile
  • take you out for a nice lunch
  • lift you up
  • always smile
  • is athletic
  • will not hurt you
  • accepts your imperfections
  • can talk with you for hours
  • will always be there for you
  • write you love letters
  • is true to you
  • needs you
  • have the same sense of humor as you do
  • can feel your pain
  • surprise you
  • can be serious
  • watch movies with you
  • kiss you on your cheek
  • write you a love song
  • hold your hand/s
  • is the reason you smile
  • can play piano
  • kiss you in the rain
  • don’t smoke
  • complete you
  • hold your hand while he drive
  • is your biggest hero
  • have true feelings for you
  • watch you while you sleep
  • love long lasting relationship
  • hug you from behind
  • is funny
  • sing you to sleep
  • watch the skyline with you
  • remember the little things about you
  • like to take pictures with you
  • make you some food
  • can cook
  • will never cheat on you
  • remind you how much he love you
  • kiss you good night
  • can’t stay mad at you
  • play with your fingers
  • don’t act differently when he’s with his friends
  • let you lie on his shoulder
  • text you first
  • want to protect you
  • lie with you and forget the world
  • have a pretty heart
  • is cool to hang out with
  • worry about you
  • call you beautiful
  • have faith in you
  • have stupid but funny jokes
  • light up your world
  • is spontaneous
  • care about your feelings
  • whisper something sweet
  • start the conversation
  • wear bracelets
  • will never let you go
  • wear v-neck shirts
  • you can trust for 100%
  • make you feel safe
  • can sing
  • make cute faces
  • make you laugh
  • is intelligent
  • kiss you spontaneously
  • do pillow fights with you
  • always have fun with you
  • give you some flowers
  • keep you warm
  • will wait for you
  • take you out for a night walk
  • want to go travel with you
  • watch Disney movies with you
  • carry you
  • have a soft and sensitive side
  • got your back
  • believe in God
  • think about you
  • like the same music as you
  • hold you when you cry
  • walk you home
  • will pray for you
  • make your day, everyday
  • wrestle with you and let you win
  • will run away with you
  • like to travel
  • tell his friends he’s in love
  • take you out for a picnic
  • randomly call you just to say “I love you”
  • cuddle you for no reason
  • watch the sunset with you
  • teach you how to play guitar
  • will never break his promises
  • press you against him
  • give you cute nicknames
  • talk about ‘forever’
  • walk you home at night
  • always smell good
  • play with your hair
  • will listen to your stories
  • don’t want to lose you
  • is good with kids
  • want to carry you
  • take you out for a romantic date
  • dance with you
  • watch the stars with you
  • is taller than you
  • hold you tight
  • kiss you on your forehead
  • tell you everything will be okay
  • make pinky promises
  • is romantic
  • love photography
  • help you with your homework

a girl that would die to meet one.ย the boy who love her just the way she is. are you that boy? ๐Ÿ™‚



it’s not really obvious that I really can’t take my eyes off him. “ganyan na talaga ang in love xD”
he’s one of the biggest reasons why I smile everyday, why I can face challenging tomorrows, why I now don’t mind about what society may say, because all I care now is HIM and US. :3

:D :P :) :3 :*

:D :P :) :3 :*

hi readers! so, I just want to share this picture as an update on what’s going on in my life. say and/or think anything you want about it, but I’m not going to tell you if you won’t ask about behind all this. ๐Ÿ˜€ ~peace!

A Life full of WORK of ART ;D